50 Years of Autoshow – 2023 Canadian International AutoShow

50 Years of Autoshow – 2023 Canadian International AutoShow


Celebrating the 50 years Canadian International AutoShow


For over 47 years, the Canadian International AutoShow has been a major event in the automotive industry. Held annually in Toronto, Canada, the AutoShow showcases the latest and greatest vehicles from around the world, as well as cutting-edge technology and innovative designs.



This year’s show was held from February 17-26th 2023 at The Toronto Metro Convention Centre, promises to be no exception. Here are some of the highlights of the 2023 Canadian International AutoShow.



The Canadian International AutoShow, a major event in the automotive industry, showcased the latest vehicles, technology, and designs from around the world. Last year’s show highlighted electric and hybrid vehicles, and innovative concept cars. Visitors could learn about the benefits of owning an electric or hybrid vehicle, and explore a range of exciting concept cars and designs.


Violette, Marek and The Hon. François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry

The Canadian International AutoShow was an exciting event that offered something for everyone, from car enthusiasts to families looking for their next vehicle.

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Take the Spotlight

As with many auto shows around the world, the 2023 Canadian International AutoShow is focusing heavily on electric and hybrid vehicles. With the Canadian government’s push towards reducing emissions and promoting clean energy, it’s no surprise that automakers are responding with an increasing number of electric and hybrid models.

The show features a wide range of these vehicles, from the sleek and sporty to the family-friendly and practical. Visitors had the chance to see the latest advancements in battery technology and charging infrastructure, as well as learn about the benefits of owning an electric or hybrid vehicle.

Exciting  Cars and Designs

As with any major auto show, the Canadian International AutoShow featured a range of exciting cars and innovative designs. These vehicles offered a glimpse into the future of driving, with new materials, designs, and features that pushed the boundaries of what was possible.

Visitors saw everything from sleek and futuristic sports cars to family-friendly vehicles that prioritized safety and comfort. The show also featured vehicles from top automakers around the world, including luxury brands like Bentley, Rolls Royce, and ultra rare imports such as Koenigsegg brought by Grand Touring Auto.

Additional displays by Auto Strada Magazine and Pfaff

Alfa Romeo’s Formula 1 Car






Cobble Beach Classics Presents 75 Years of Porsche

“Cobble Beach Classics Presents 75 Years of Porsche” made its grand appearance at the Canadian International AutoShow. The event was a spectacle of exquisite automobiles from the past, present, and future, but none captured the attention of visitors quite like this exhibition.


969 Porsche 917 Long Tail Chassis 005

The showcase of Porsche’s 75-year history was a breathtaking display of some of the brand’s most notable models. From the timeless 356 to the Presenting a collection of 16 classic Porsche models that hold significant historical value, with the highlight being the 1969 Porsche 917 Long Tail Chassis 005, each car had a story to tell. The exhibition was divided into different sections, each highlighting a specific era in Porsche’s evolution.

One of the highlights of the exhibition was the display of the 959, a highly coveted model that was once considered the fastest car in the world.

The car was one of only 292 ever produced, and its presence at the event was a testament to Porsche’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of automotive engineering.


The “Cobble Beach Classics Presents 75 Years of Porsche” was not just a celebration of Porsche’s rich history, but also a reminder of the brand’s dedication to excellence and the driving experience. It was a memorable event that will be remembered by car enthusiasts for years to come.


 Maria, the owner of the Porsche 918 Spyder and Rob McLeese CEO and co-creator of The Cobble Beach Concours




Visitors were also treated to a glimpse of the future of Porsche, Porsche’s latest electric vehicle, the Taycan Cross Turismo GTS. The car was a symbol of Porsche’s ability to adapt and innovate in the ever-changing automotive landscape.



Other Highlights

Visitors also had the chance to visit Lego’s Lamborghini Sian and “Oblivion” Celebration of the Cars and Culture of the ’80s and ’90s


Final Thoughts

The Canadian International AutoShow is an exciting event that brings together the latest and greatest in the automotive industry. With a focus on electric and hybrid vehicles, autonomous driving technology, and innovative designs, the show offers something for everyone, from car enthusiasts to families looking for their next vehicle. Whether you’re a visitor to the show or just interested in the future of driving, the Canadian International AutoShow is definitely worth celebrating.

Photo with Michael Eatson, President of Canadian International AutoShow



What was your favorite car on display?



Additional Photo credits – Marek J. Goldyn

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