SoViolette Inspiration

SoViolette Inspiration

(above) Pearl Culture by SoViolette and Seashells at Faena Hotel Miami

Time flies! 4 years ago, I sat and edited my very first Couture & Cars blog post. Latte, laptop and latest Top Gear in hand, the Lamborghini’s on the cover inspired me to start writing about my two passions.

So how did “SoViolette” and “Cars&Couture” come about?

In the early 90’s, when I was about 7 years old, I watched legends such as Schumacher racing for Ferrari in Formula 1 and I was already memorizing Ferrari makes (the F40 always struck my eye). Throw in Frequent trips to Paris, my attention was turned to chic Parisian ladies and the newest Chanel windows with the latest trends. Both of my grandfather’s worked in car-related industries; my maternal grandfather worked for Renault in Boulogne, France and my paternal grandfather operated military trucks in Poland.

The ladies in my families have a great sense of fashion. And My maternal grandmother made clothes for her girls with no professional training; she just had an eye for sewing!

My paternal grandmother was designing and making clothing for the Silver Screen stars of Poland. So naturally, my love for glamour and old Hollywood looks has always been a subject of fascination for me.

Violette in London, Lamborghini of London, SoViolette custom satin suit


Why pearls? They are such an object of natural beauty to me. From their different sizing, to their natural splendor – they take time to become precious and unique. They require delicateness and proper care, but shine so naturally with their nacre finish.

My very first clothing line, Pearl Culture has a touch of subtle glamour and comfort. I wanted it to be just as unique as each pearl that gets cultivated from the waters.

I was debating hand stitching individual pearls onto fabric, because at the time I couldn’t find Pearl Embellished mesh in stores. I wanted an Haute Couture feel to my look. Luckily, with a little bit of persistence I found what I needed in New York City.

While conceptualizing my line, I pictured a modern-day woman with the desire to strike as stunning, but be comfortable in her clothing for her busy day and for whatever the day throws at her – like being at the office working and having a last minute evening cocktail on a Yacht. Practical and luxurious! You have your silk and pearl touches present in the SoViolette Pearl Culture Collection, giving your skin a special soft touch.


I am very proud of my collection today because it transcends my love of simple yet luxurious chic that I love in both fashion and in cars – I am also delighted that so many of you share my car enthusiasm as well. It has been a pleasure sharing this hybrid with you all over the years. Remember, wherever you go – it’s not just a car or clothes – it’s a Culture.

Here’s to 4 years and many more to come, with you on board I hope!



  • Roman Rapita

    I really enjoyed reading the backstory of where your passion for cars and fashion stemmed from. Its really cool how you go on to explore hybrid culture of cars and fashion. We’re starting to see more and more collaborations between the two industries pop up. Exciting future for you to write about.

    29 November 2018 at 2 h 52 min
  • Alp Gokgoz

    Very cool V. I’m proud of you and I hope you all the success as you further develop your line. All the best.

    29 November 2018 at 15 h 36 min
  • Fatima

    This was refreshing to read. Now things start to make sense on where you got this love for fashion and car! Thank you for sharing this with us! Can’t wait to see more of your work!

    29 November 2018 at 17 h 31 min
  • Fidan Rasulov

    I always wondered where the inspiration for this collection came from. It’s beautiful to see how much you took from your relatives added a touch of class and elegance of your own. These looks are perfect for an elegant lady who wants to look classy and is her own boss; Ms Independant. I cannot wait until the collection finally drops for online purchase. 😍 Very proud of you V!

    29 November 2018 at 21 h 08 min
  • BM

    My favourite Post, love it! Can’t wait to see more xoxo

    29 November 2018 at 23 h 12 min
  • Soho

    You are finally spreading your wings doing what you love. I will forever support you Violette ❤️ Hope to see you soon and can’t wait to see what SoViolette Designs brings!

    7 December 2018 at 0 h 03 min

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