Dreaming of F40’s

Dreaming of F40’s

Ah yes, the infamous Dream Car. We all have One (or a few more). 
You know, the one that screams your name and has the wild side of your personality; the one that you never get tired of staring at. Just hearing its’ engine rev gives you the chills. Next step, is obviously getting your hands on that car and taking it for a spin on the track. Or keeping it in your 4 door Garage…depending on your personality of course !


My cup of tea I must say, is the Ferrari F40.
Classic Ferrari red, bold, sleek but forever stealing the show. I love this car because of its’ raw power, simplistic beauty and power to be so gracious and performing. I have adored this car since my childhood. I have to give my older cousin part of the credit for this one; if it weren’t for the Ferrari Posters in his room and making me watch Formula One races, god knows which car I would love so much today.
Originally released in 1987, it was a car built to beat its’ leading competitors at the time. Revised versions came out such as the LM edition (Le Mans) followed by the more powerful Competizione Edition. It was not primarily meant for racing but many clients used it in private competitions.
Today’s cars have luxury features, fancy Titanium Carbon Fibre (Carbontanium) , great interiors, you name it. But the F40 simply stands out because it never needed anything “over the top” to make it such a great car that continues breaking necks till this day.
This beauty retails for a little over $1.6 million today(depending on model and condition). Well, I know what I’ll be doing with my first million!

What is your favourite Car? What makes you love it? Let me know what you think.



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